Angel On The Loose
Angel On The Loose
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There are as many reasons to learn to belly dance as there are women who want to learn this ancient dance.
This ultimate female dance helps to break down the barriers between body and mind allowing inner strength and beauty to emerge for healing and rejuvenation.
So...come dance and connect with all the women who have come before you.
CindyLee teaches ongoing classes and is available for private and group lessons for girls and women of all ages, if you and your friends would like to improve your dancing contact CindyLee and book your very own class today.
The Sisterhood Of Belly Dance Workshop
Come experience the worlds oldest dance form, a celebration of the devine feminine. This workshop will tap into the goddess within and the intuitive knowledge each woman has of this ancient art form, including exploring the sensuous mysteries of the veil.This joining of women in dance empowers us to experience a celebration of beauty and freedom.There is no wrong way to dance the music in your soul, so...come unleash the goddess in you.
(No dance experience necessary)
Gypsy Tribal Dance Workshop
Come experience the spirit of gypsy tribal dance. Inspired by the Gypsy-archetype, the wanderers, the wild and sensual ones, wise in the ways of magic and mystery.
This joining of women in dance with elements from many cultures, empowers us to experience an awakening of the creative energy needed to dance from within. We dance our dreams into existence when we become Gypsy Tribal Dancers.
Feel free to dress the gypsy within for this workshop.
(No dance experience necessary)
The Wings Of Isis Workshop
The ancient Egyptian goddess Isis has many gifts to share with us. We will learn beautiful modern versions of magical ritual moves and forms taken from the wall paintings of ancient Egypt. Come dance with wings just as Isis the goddess of magic, power and protection did in the times of old and unleash the goddess in you! (No dance experience necessary)
Wings provided
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